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The Shabbat table is full of Judaica items. Kiddush glass, bread tray, bread knife, wine fountain, Shabbat tablecloth, hala covers, etc. Yes there is so much accessory for Shabbat, therefore, we offer you a wide choice for each of these products to make your Shabbat table unique. To honor Shabbat with beautiful items is a marvel. Through our...
  • Shabbat Various Accessories
    Shabbat Various...
    The various accessories for Shabbat are unique find here some decorations made by artists for your matchboxes, Bessamim incenses for Havdalah, but he also celebrates Hot plate for Shabbat, Shabbat "'Koumkoum" thermoses, and other useful decorative accessories.
  • Candlestick

    Choose the model of your typical or modern Jewish candle holder
    Honor this Mitzvah of the woman to light the candles of Shabbat and holidays with a sublime candle holder that will also be an object of decoration matching your interior

  • Chabbat tablecloth
    Chabbat tablecloth
    A beautiful Shabbat tablecloth on the theme of Judaica, what are you looking for? You have found the right page. Wide choice of Shabbat tablecloth with different sizes and themes.
  • Breadknife
    Here you will find a wide range of breadknife, knife for the Hallots. Design and quality models to go perfectly with your party table. Matchbox cover Wide range of matchbox covers. A beautiful decorated matchbox will make your candle lighting even more beautiful. Choose a model from our collection and light the candle flame of our holidays."
  • Challah boards
    Challah boards
    Wide choice of design and modern bread tray. The tray at Halla, is the tray with which we proceed to the Motsi, with a matching knife we cut the bread to distribute it to the guest of the table. This same bread tray will serve as a bread basket during the meal and throughout the week if your tray is pretty it will be a beautiful object of decoration in your window. So choose yours! "
  • Challah covers
    Challah covers
    Very wide range of bread covers, Challah covers, Among our collection you will certainly find the model that will go perfectly with your Shabbat table. Wide range of themes and colors of bread covers at your disposal in order to unite perfectly the harmony of your table. Did you like a model? Would you like to offer it to your guests in honor of one of your events? Contact us by mail we will do our best to satisfy you."
  • Havdalah
    Find here your set to proceed to Havdalah. An ideal set consists of Havdallah candle holder, Havdallah glass, Bessamim incense burner of Havdallah and the Havdallah plate in which the wine of prosperity will flow. So choose yours and make this week's blessing unique. "
  • Kiddush cup
    Kiddush cup
    Choose in this category of glass which shower that will suit you. From a wide collection of glasses in different colors, just choose the model that suits you, and receive it at your home.
  • Match box covers
    Match box covers
    another way to beautify the house and shabbat with a little matchbox cover that will make the difference
  • Wine fountain
    Wine fountain
    The wine fountain! So original. A pretty fountain placed in the center of the table, in which once the Kiddush is recited it will pour the wine inside and it will flow like a fountain to serve small goblets that are there. So everyone at the table will receive their Kiddush at the same time without having to turn the Kiddush glass towards them."
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