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Find jewish jewels here: What are Jewish jewels? Why are they called like that? Jewish jewels are jewels, like normal pendants, bracelets and rings but with symbols of Judaism. You can find in these symbols of Judaism, Mezuzah, The Star of David, Hamsa, and Menorah. All these symbols have their roots in the history of the Jewish people. Y...
  • Jewish strap
    Jewish strap
    On this page you will find all kinds of Judaic bracelet. Themes of Judaism in other words Judaica, but also of Kabbalah. Our collection is a selection from hundreds of models we chose you. The most stylish and best selling bracelets on the Israeli market."
  • pendants&necklaces
    On this category you will be able to choose original Jewish pendants from Judaica. We have chosen for you the most trendy models on the Israeli market. Maguen David, Star of David and the most famous and identified pendant with the Jewish people. You can find it set with crystals or even formed in a modern design. "
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Showing 1 - 24 of 24 items


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