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The Feast of Pessard or also called Passover is commemorated for eight days. The first day we celebrate the Seder of Pessakh with on the table various utensils that identify well this special holiday. "
  • Eliyahu cup
    Eliyahu cup
    Eliahou goblet is placed on the center of the table during the Passover feast. This goblet is always peculiar either by its size or its design. According to tradition Eliahou Hanavi would come himself to drink from this goblet on the evening of the deliverance"
  • Matzah Boards
    Matzah Boards
    The plateau at Matsa is a plate reserved for Matsa for the Passover Feast we will be careful to put that Matsot. "
  • Matzah covers
    Matzah covers
    The Matsa cover is used to cover Matzot bread during the Passover holiday on the table.
  • Passover covers set
    Passover covers set
    here you will find assortment sets for the Pesach Festival. ranging from pillow covers, Matsa covers or even covers Afikoman. a matching Set is always more original, and more direct from Israel. to feel Israel at his Passover table
  • Passover plates
    Passover plates
    The Pesach Plateau is the main and most charismatic symbol of the Passover festival. The Jewish ship. he will be at the center of the table and will train for years the memories of your dear children, So choose the most beautiful to your taste so that the Passover festival is even more beautiful"
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