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Hanukkah the festival of lights called like this because in Channouka we light the Chanukah that lights your house throughout the year. Children play spinning tops and receive presents, it's a celebration of joy. "
  • Dreidels
    In the Hanukkah evenings the children play spinning tops. This in memory of the miracle of Hannouka. While the Greeks forbade Jews to study the Torah, the children hid to study, and when the Greeks arrived they pretended to play the spinning top. Because of this, the Torah of Israel was transmitted among the generations.
  • Hanukkah Candles
    Hanukkah Candles
    During the 8 nights of Hanukkah we light the Hanukkiah. The first night we light a candle with another candle for Shamash. The second night we light two candles with a candle for the Chamash and so on until the eighth evening of Hanukkah. "
  • menorahs and Hannukah
    menorahs and Hannukah
    Hanukkah is a nine-branch candelabrum that we light according to Jewish tradition on Hanukkah evening. We light Chanukia during the eight nights of Hanukkah and the eighth evening we light a total of nine candles, eight candles for Khannouka and a candle for Shamash. The Chamash is a candle like the others that is lit a little aside or a little higher than other candles to be differentiated.
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