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Here you will find gifts for your guests at wholesale prices. Contact us for any information we will do our best to satisfy you. Note that the products are generally destocking and the stocks are very limited and dynamic so do not hesitate to contact us in order to set aside immediately a product you are interested
  • Birconim souvenirs
    Birconim souvenirs
    So if you have already chosen your kippa model customized according to the name of the bride and groom or the mitzvah bar with their date inscribed, all you have to do is choose the customizable booklet that you will give to your guests at the end of the evening, close in style and leave an unforgettable and unique memory to your guests. Our site offers you a large Birconim collection, which are booklets with the Bircat Hamazone. You will also find Zemirot of Shabbat otherwise called Zmironim. The latter is a booklet that usually consists of Shabbat Kiddush, candle lighting, Bircat and chants of the Jewish Shabbat table. Then you have the third category of kiddush booklet. The latter is the most complete of the three previous models. It is also composed of the Hamazone bircat and all that is in the "zmironim" just that it is even more complete of Shabbat songs and more explicit in the texts. On our site we also offer Hebrew Birconim and Birconim in phonetics. To find them easily, use the filter on the side of the page and select "phonetics" Wedding, bar mitzvah, henna, Brit Milah and Gala, personalize the booklet with the names of the bride and groom or bar mitzvah and the date. We can also customize the booklets with your logo in monochrome. (Black and white vector logo) "
  • Guest Gifts favor
    Guest Gifts favor
    Here you will find a wide range of souvenirs gifts to offer to your guests as well as to your friends during your parties. A lot of objects are customizable to make your party unique.

  • Custom Kippah's
    Custom Kippah's

    All the Kippah in this Categories can to be personalized in embroidered or special silk print.
    Send you name and Text or logo in your order and we send back the final print border graphics

    On this category you will find a large selection of customizable kippas.

    Choose the model that suits you and add the customization of your choice. We can customize your Kippot by direct printing on the kippah, indoors or outdoors. Or you can choose embroidery customization. We will then embroider your customization on the kippa chooses. We offer several qualities of kippa, kippa first cheap price, luxury kippa in thick fabrics, lining and high quality sewing. if you have a question, do not hesitate to contact us, we will do our best to meet your expectations.

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