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Washing cup 

Choose here a Keli of Netilat Yadayim matching your interior. Wide choice of colors and new design model. The Keli of Netila is used for the washing of hands, this container must contain enough water to be able to pour 3 times on each hand the quantity necessary to rinse the hand. The ablution of the hands in abundance up to the top of the wr...
  • Mayim Aharonim
    Mayim Aharonim
    Choose the container for ablution of the hands at the end of the meal. A set of Mayim Aharonim is composed of a small Keli and a receiver bowl. We use it at the end of the meal to clean our hands according to the halakha after a meal of bread. As it is written in the halakha, Jewish laws: the washing of hands after a meal of bread is an obligation. In order to avoid guests getting up from the table to rinse their hands, we usually use a set of Mayim Aharonim that is passed between the guests and each turn to a small amount on his fingers in order to rinse them."
  • Netilat towel
    Netilat towel
    Choose Netilat Yadayim towels at the holiday spa. Wide selection and color of Israel towels. another way to embellish everyday life on the themes of Judaism. A Netilat towel on which is inscribed Shabbat Chalom or happy holidays. You choose!"
  • washing cup Natla
    washing cup Natla
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