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Tallit: Jewish chaplet of prayer. There are two kinds of Taleth, The Gadol talit which is the great prayer shawl with which one prays in the synagogue. and the Tallit Katan, which is the small tallit that one wears on being throughout the day. on these two Taleth there are knotted the sons who are called Tsitsit.
  • cases Tallit-Tefilin
    cases Tallit-Tefilin
    Wide choice of cover for Talit and Tefillin. Choose from our collection the house of Taleth to your taste. The majority of wallets here for sale are customizable by embroidery. add to your cart the product "Embroidery of a name". or contact our team directly by mail.
  • clip & stripes for Talith
    clip & stripes for Talith
    Here you will find two accessories for the Tallit Gadol. The clip for talit, which is a clamp connected through a small chain, to prevent that the Taleth slips during prayer. this helps to keep it on better without having to readjust it on the shoulders every moment. the Second one is the Band for the Talit Gadol. otherwise called Atara. This band is a way to make your prayer shawl unique and customize it according to your taste. the band can be sewn on any Talith Gadol.
  • Tallit Gadol
    Tallit Gadol
    Talith Gadol is the Jewish prayer shawl by definition. Choose the style of Taleth you want, or the Traditional that is in the Traditional Talith Gadol Category, or a taleth a little more original and there you choose the category of Taleth Artistic. these two categories of Taleth are of course Cashere for Pray with.
  • Tallit Katan
    Tallit Katan
    The Talit Katan is the little Taleth that men with a religious majority wears all day long. Choose a cotton or wool tallith and use the size chart to choose the size that fits you. The best product of the moment is Tricot talit, because it acts as a heel and knit at the same time. All Jewish mothers will confirm that it is the best product for children. less hassle it's safe, but also the most comfortable for kids and bigger ones.
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