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Mezouza cases 

Here you can choose the Mezuzah box of your choice. We have classified them also by material. Mezuzah box made of glass, wood, metal, plastic, and also silver and gold depending on the inventory.
  • Mezouza Car
    Mezouza Car
    Choice of Mezzouza for the car. Although a car is not needed to have a Mezuzah. We offer here for sale miniature mezouza to put in your car. nice and original.
  • Mezouza Glass
    Mezouza Glass
    Mezuzah glass case here for sale and delivers directly to your home. You choose the case with the design of your choice and we send it to you.
  • Mezouza Kids
    Mezouza Kids
    In this category, you will find boxes of Mezuzah with motifs for children. So you can give a touch of the design of the children's room, with a cute box that will delight the youngest of the family.
  • Mezouza Metal
    Mezouza Metal
    Choose here the metal Mezuzah case of your choice. unique and modern design that will give an extra touch to the unique peculiarity of your interior.
  • Mezouza Plastic
    Mezouza Plastic
  • Mezouza Stones
    Mezouza Stones
    Selection of real stone Mezuzah case or imitation stone Mezuzah. here you will find a wide choice of Mezuzah case with a very specific design of stone and marble.
  • Mezouza wood
    Mezouza wood
    Choose from our very large collection of wooden Mezuzah case, the boxes matching the design of your interior. Remember to adapt the size of the case to the size of the parchment you will choose.
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Showing 1 - 120 of 138 items


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