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Here you will find the scrolls of Mezouza as well as very beautiful case of Mezouza. The Mezuzah is the Jewish Talisman that Gd ordered the Jews to place on their doors. The Mezuzah consists of two parts: The first is the case, it is what we see hangs on the doors. The case of Mezuzah can have the color you want, You can of course grant the co...
  • Mezouza cases
    Mezouza cases
    Here you can choose the Mezuzah box of your choice. We have classified them also by material. Mezuzah box made of glass, wood, metal, plastic, and also silver and gold depending on the inventory.
  • Mezouza scroll
    Mezouza scroll
    The parchment of Mezuzah is the most important element in the Mezuzah. He must be strictly Kosher and certify. For this reason all our parchment here for sale are certified Kosher and verified by a scribe secondary of the Scribe who writes the Mezuzah, but also verifies and certifies by a computer scan of the rabbinic organism of Jerusalem. The mezuzah must be written on the skin of a Kosher beast just like the Sefer Torah, The Jewish Bible. The more the writing of a Mezuzah is clear and the more it is considered to be of good quality. a parchment with a very beautiful writing will be considered as Mehadrin, ie better quality Halachic, and for that the parchment is sold more expensive because the scribe takes more time to apply and the demand is strong. Choose the parchment that suits you according to its size and status.
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