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Choose here the Kippa of your choice, from a very large choice of models and colors our unique collection will satisfy everyone's tastes! The kippah is one of the emblematic signs of distinction of the Jews. This Jewish Hat, Jewish headgear since ancient times has different forms depending on the origin of the Jews This Jewish Hat, Jewish head...
  • Kippa Kids
    Kippa Kids
    Kippas for children are kippas with motifs for the younger ones. Often decorated with the Hebrew alphabet, these yarmulkes will delight your younger ones with pride.
  • Kippa Knitted
    Kippa Knitted
    The knitted Kippa is a yarmulke made by hand. this knit is an art of know-how to give this rounded shape for a better grip on the head. Here you'll find the widest possible choice of knit kippah with many patterns and colors."
  • Kippa satin
    Kippa satin
    Choose your satin kippah in the colors that make you happy. The satin kippah is often the one that is distributed during the Jewish Wedding to the guests with the name of the married women written on it. "
  • Kippa silk
    Kippa silk
    The silk kippah is a luxury kippah. Made with the best fabrics to have an ideal shape and hold. These kippas are of a superior quality "
  • Kippa suede
    Kippa suede
    Large choice of suede Kippa. the suede kippah has a rather flat shape and can be personalized by silkscreen or printing. Contact us to buy these products in quantities and get an additional discount "
  • Kippa velvet
    Kippa velvet
    The velvet kippah, often called the black kippah or on different colors the kippah for children with interesting patterns for the youngest.
  • Marocan Kippah
    Marocan Kippah
    The kippah of Jews of Moroccan origin has a very distinct form. this headgear looks like the Moroccan hat and is used by Moroccan Jews as Kippa. "
  • Kippah - Embroidered
    Kippah - Embroidered
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Showing 1 - 115 of 115 items


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