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Children toys 

The education of our children with the values of Judaism is the most cherished belief we can have. How to inculcate with love these values if it is not in a moment of pleasure spent with them playing or offering them a toy that they will cherish while playing with them. Spending moments of joy and relaxation on a theme of Judaism is certainly ...
  • childrens books
    childrens books

    Books for children. Here you will find, according to the arrivals, books for children about Jewish stories

  • Board games
    Board games

    a wide choice of educational games with novelties.

    Are you looking for a game that you have seen? send us a message we will do our best to find it for you. "

  • Memory and Loto
    Memory and Loto

    Wide choice of memory games about the different themes of the Jewish religion.

    if you are looking for Jewish themed games, with our new exclusive collection you will be have them. "

    Judaism themed games.

  • Card Games
    Card Games

    Card games about the Jewish religion. learn while playing the different themes of the Jewish laws.

    Educational games remain a secret of success in lovingly teaching the laws of the Bible. "

  • Hebrew Alphabet
    Hebrew Alphabet

    Learning the Hebrew alphabet while playing.

    Here is a wide selection of games about the Hebrew alphabet

  • Puzzle

    Wide selection of Judaism themed puzzles.

    choose according to the Age of your children the toys that match you

  • Manual labor
    Manual labor

    different set of confection for manual work with your children on the themes of Judaism and Jewish history

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Showing 1 - 73 of 73 items


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