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A distinguishing feature of a Jewish house is its decoration. In general, the decoration of an Israelite Jewish interior consists of Jewish worship products used to practice Judaism throughout the year, these products are generally exposed all year on a display, on the furniture or on a wall in the house. That's why we like choosing objects th...
  • Accessories and Fashion
    Accessories and Fashion
  • Blessing
    In this category you will find frames and dyes of blessings for the Jewish home, it may be love verses from the bible accompanied by blessings for the unity of the couple, or blessings for the prosperity of a home on all aspects. Choose according to the title of the product the blessing that will suit you best. If you do not understand the text in Hebrew, you can ask our team which frame or dye best fits your expectations. You'll also find dyes and frames against the evil eye, or kabbalah. The frames and dyes of the Kabbalah are essentially composed of sacred names, in which according to the writings of our elders are the divine keys to open the different gates of heaven for each of the aspects of the human being. "
  • Children toys
    Children toys
    The education of our children with the values of Judaism is the most cherished belief we can have. How to inculcate with love these values if it is not in a moment of pleasure spent with them playing or offering them a toy that they will cherish while playing with them. Spending moments of joy and relaxation on a theme of Judaism is certainly the best way to engender love and attachment to Judaism in our children. If you are looking for a specific game or a specific product contact our team we will try to get it, and add it to our products to benefit the members of our community who like you will be happy to find it on our site.
  • figurine
    In this category are the figurines, Jewish statuettes you will often find in Jewish interior decorations. What they represent in general are typical Jewish scenes, figures of the "Kleizemzer" who represent the ever-joyful "Hasidim" who plays instruments like the clarinet or the violin while dancing. A way to give a touch of Jewish joy and melancholy to the decoration and ornament of your home."
  • Frame and picture
    Frame and picture
    Jewish art: 2000 years of history, 2000 years of art and artist. In each era his artists inspired by his time. Today too we have our artists inspired by the history of our people translated into the 20th century Find on our site the unique works of different artists. "
  • Hamsa
    Hamsa otherwise called fatma hand in the Muslim milieu. Hamsa comes from Judaism according to Rav Royi Margalit in the name of Hida and ben Ich Hay who brings back that the letter "" Hey "" in the Hebrew alphabet for a numerical value the number five, which is of protection against the evil eye. and for that at the time people used to make the sign of the hand "" five "" with the fingers in order to make a sign against the A'yin Hara, the evil eye. "
  • Israel Souvenir
    Israel Souvenir
  • Jewish Home
    Jewish Home
    On this category you will find different products for the house and the Jewish interior. Classified in subcategories and by theme. Navigate through these categories while adding to your basket the products that you prefer will be best suited to your interior. With our wide range of products you can give your home a note of Judaism while being in perfect harmony with the colors and decorations of your home. "
  • Key ring
    Key ring
    On this category you will find keychains with different themes. You will find key gates to the symbols of Israel but also of the Jewish people like the twelve tribes or the "" Hoshen "", pectoral which was on the torso of Cohen Gadol and set with twelve stones multi-color. "
  • Menorah
    The Menorah: the symbol of the Jewish people. The Menorah originally came from the Mishkan during the journey of the Jewish people through the desert. When Hashem, God asks the children of Israel to build the Mishkan. The tabernacle. Inside he asks the children of Israel to form a 7-branch candelabrum that will illuminate the tabernacle and the Jewish people. It will be made of a block, that is to say that the children of Israel will have to pour gold into a mold and bring out the Menora in one block. Later in the history of the Jewish people the Menorah will be lit at the temple in Jerusalem. Built at that time by King Solomon in Jerusalem, the first temple where sacrifices were brought, was illuminated by the Menorah, which was to be lit by the Cohanim, the priests. It is therefore one of the strongest symbols of the Jewish people. On our website you will find many models of Menorah for sale, several sizes are your choice and several colors. "
  • Office accessories
    Office accessories
    In this category you will find Judaism and Israel-themed office accessories products. Clipboards, letter openers, pens, and other decorative and useful products. You will find very extraordinary and original gift ideas that will have their own peculiarities."
  • Painting jewish art
    Painting jewish art
  • Wall Hangings
    Wall Hangings
    The wall decorations you will find in this category, are Judaism and serenity-themed decorations. .
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